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how to connect iphone to plantronics bluetooth

Plantronics Bluetooth office headsets; Who are Plantronics? Plantronics is arguably the largest, most recognised, headset company in the world. Plantronics headsets are always on the cutting edge of technology and design and they are a product that customers simply love and keep asking for by name. A brief background from Plantronics themselves..... Plantronics started over 50 years ago ... More

how to force delete stack set instance that is inoperable

Stacks. Every Pulumi program is deployed to a stack. A stack is an isolated, independently configurable instance of a Pulumi program. Stacks are commonly used to denote different phases of development (such as development, staging and production) or feature branches (such as feature-x-dev, jane-feature-x … ... More

how to become a canadian border patrol officer

Typically, officers must work as patrol officers for a certain number of years before they may be appointed to a special unit. Some agencies, such as public college and university police forces, public school police, and transit police, have special geographic and enforcement responsibilities. ... More

how to change password windows 10 forgot password

2/02/2016 How to change password on Windows 10 Like and Subscribe! Tags: Window (Industry), Tutorial, Windows, how to, change administrator, change administrator password, administrator password in window ... More

how to become emperor eso

27/05/2018 It has been observed that if you want to be an emperor, it is better by far to be one at the beginning of the empire than at the end, when the whole enterprise is collapsing. ... More

how to delete group text messages on iphone

You must be in an iMessage conversation rather than a standard group text message. If some of the people in the group chat are using Android phones or other apps rather than Messages on iOS, you'll be in a standard group message and therefore the option to leave a group text through Messages … ... More

how to cook chicken congee

Chicken and Corn Congee Congee is known by a few names – hsi-fan (translated means rice water), or jook. It is traditionally eaten in China, and is especially nourishing to the spleen and stomach, so is often recommended in situations where there is spleen deficiency. ... More

how to clean shower screen scum

Then give your shower screen a good scrub when you clean your shower. Stay away from bar soap Bar soap is more likely to leave soap scum deposits than liquid soap. ... More

how to draw plants vs zombies heroes spudow

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes - Spudow vs. Brain Freeze! Tags : rfm767, pvz heroes, shadow pea, bosses, yeti, spudow, heroe, heroes, brain freeze, gameplay, garden warfare 2, plane,... Content from : Youtube. Related Videos × Mature contents are not showing now. Because You are using Restricted mode. Set Restricted mode. If you are over 18 years old, you can turn off restricted mode for … ... More

how to change your race in skyrim

22/12/2018 · Hello, Does anyone know of a mod or a way to use the command "showracemenu" so as to change my sex or race in skyrim without loosing perks or skills? ... More

how to cut tiles with a sigma tile cutter

tile cutter sigma 2050mm art 12d1 xl Designed to be used by professional and DIY, the Sigma 12D1 XL is Sigma's latest 2050mm tile cutter. With a long base to support porcelain and ceramic tiles, it is the professional tile cutter of choice. ... More

how to cook flower crab

Lovely courgette flowers are stuffed with a mixture of seasoned crab and ricotta, lightly battered and then deep fried until they reach golden perfection. To make the tempura ... More

how to keep your closet clean and organized

Organize your clothing, shoes, and accessories back into your closet by grouping similar items together and moving your most worn items into your closets prime real estate Come up with a plan to keep your closet organized so it never becomes a breeding ground for clutter again. ... More

how to delete a dataset in freenas

This guide is for people who want or need to set up FreeNAS as quickly as possible with a minimum of fuss. The aim is to provide all the information you need in one place to set up a basic FreeNAS server. ... More

how to create a war thunder skin

War Thunder @WarThunderDE. War Thunder ist ein kostenloses MMO-Kampfspiel, das der Luftfahrt, den Landstreitkraften und Flotten des Zweiten Weltkriegs und Kalten Kriegs gewidmet ist. ... More

how to become an internal medicine doctor

13/07/2018 To become a medical doctor in the United States you can obtain either a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). There are 33 schools in the U.S. that offer a D.O. degree. Most things are exactly the same between both program except the admissions system (AACOMAS for the D.O.), the licensing exam (COMLEX for the D.O.), and the requirement of ... More

how to connect to minecraft server

22/08/2010 · Learn how to connect to multiplayer servers in MinceCraft Alpha. Link to the server list: ... More

how to delete apps on ipad without x

Click on the “X” mark on the top left corner of the app to remove whatever the app you want to remove from your iOS device. Wrapping Up. In general, you cannot remove the Cydia app from your iPhone or iPad … ... More

how to add a writing input bar in ionic app

Components. Ionic apps are made of high-level building blocks called components. Components allow you to quickly construct an interface for your app. Ionic comes with a number of components, including modals, popups, and cards. ... More

how to build a pizza oven seperate to fire

Explore Joseph Arnold's board "Pizza Ovens & Fire Pits" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Wood furnace, Diy pizza oven and Ovens. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. A board by Joseph Arnold. Pizza Ovens & Fire Pits . Collection by Joseph Arnold. Follow. It's the Pits. How To Build A Fire Pit Building A Fire Pit Building A Pergola Patios Brick Fire Pits ... More

millennial dont know how to cook stat

... More

how to clean rv sewer tank

Empty the black water tank, followed by the gray water tank, into an RV dump site. Connect the rinse wand to the garden hose. Keep the wand's shut-off valve … ... More

how to create medicare online

Medicare Australia is responsible for the day-to-day administration and payment of benefits under the Medicare arrangements. How do I make suggestions for improvements to MBS Online? Feedback and suggestions for improvements from MBS Online users is welcomed. ... More

magic latern how to change audio level

This tutorial teaches you how to set up and operate the magic lantern firmware for the Canon 5D. Here are step-by step Plain English instructions. Use this to free up your 5D Mk 2 for better video shooting and overiding the Canon Audio controls for better sound and picture. ... More

how to change your iphone name without itunes

Change iPhone carrier name and time string without jailbreaking As we know, we have to “JailBreak” our iPhone/iPod Touch to change carrier name and time string. But with iTunes Backup Manager , we can do this without jailbreaking. ... More

how to create folder in edmodo

This is a guide to show you how you can share a Google album via a link with your students. Before you can create an album, you need to save the images to a folder ... More

how to clean tarnished silver jewelry with gemstones

The tarnish we find on our silver jewelry is due to a thin layer of black silver sulphide which forms when the silver reacts with the sulfur based pollutants in the air. Many of us tumble or polish silver jewelry to remove tarnish. It takes about 1-2 hours so it is worth considering a quicker alternative - the baking soda method. ... More

how to delete dir cmd

By default, the dir command only shows normal files and folders. In Linux, you can hide a file by making the first character a full stop. (i.e .myhiddenfile). In Linux, you can hide a file by making the first character a full stop. ... More

how to add java files to bitbuket

This is a simple and quick tutorial on how to add an existing folder (and files) on your computer to a new git repo. 1- Create your project online (like Bitbucket or GitHub ) 2- CD into the folder where your files ... More

how to add movies tomitunes library

UltraNewb: How to move your iTunes library to an external drive. Now that you've been going to town adding music and movies to your iTunes library, your hard… ... More

how to throw and catch a frisbee

Throwing and Catching (Ultimate Frisbee) - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. ... More

how to draw ironman step by step easy

See more What others are saying" Just spotted that this is my *cake posted to CD ! :D This was made for the birthday of a Marvel fan and so I used the more ‘comic’ style Iron Man image … ... More

how to clear script errors

12/08/2018 · This script is tested on these platforms by the author. It is likely to work on other platforms as well. If you try it and find that it works on another platform, please add a note to the script discussion to let others know. ... More

how to build a stance trike

Unfortunately, because of a trike's fairly wide stance, extra wheel, and their associated steering bits, they are slower, heavier, and more expensive than their 2 wheeled cousins. Leaning trikes can offer the handling of a two wheeler with the stability of a 3 wheeler. Tadpole trikes are better for handling at lower speed, but have a tendancy to fishtail at higher speeds. Delta trikes are ... More

how to build a bridge over a ditch

Move the blocks over the cross rail, and lay another cross rail next them. Repeat this process across the drive, effectively spacing the cross rails 4 inches apart. Be sure to mark the both the rails each time so you can position them later. ... More

how to delete pictures in messenger group chat

A girl I know is a member of a group for a long time, she has an important conversion there with photos, it's a very long chat. She bought a new phone and a new SIM card (with a new number which was also added to that group), She wants to somehow save the entire conversation from her old phone and leave this group. How can she restore whatsapp messages? You can't select the whole ... More

how to create a system repair usb for windows 10

18/10/2015 USB SYSTEM REPAIR IN WINDOWS 10 HAS ANYONE BEEN ABLE TO CREATE A USB REPAIR DRIVE FOR WINDOWS 10 This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (97) ... More

how to add video in php

Adding WOWSlider on a php page is similar to adding a slider on an html page. Please see this tutorial for the detailed instructions: How to add a slider into your HTML File. ... More

how to close the gap in your teeth without braces

Depending on your specific situation, the treatment options may range from braces to dental bonding. Is it possible to close the space between my front teeth without braces? Yes, with dental bonding , which is the bonding of composite resin to the natural tooth structure is a modern aesthetic dental technique for making your teeth wider or reshaped to close gaps between teeth ... More

discord how to change status

It's surprisingly easy to show a custom playing status message, instead of a genuine one, in Discord. This guide details the steps you must follow to do so. This … ... More

how to create a state

In LabVIEW software, you can create a basic state machine with a while loop, a shift register, a case statement, and some form of case selector (case selectors are discussed in a later section). ... More

how to become a driving instructor nsw

instructors driving instructors licence is firmly fixed, in a conspicuous position, to the motor vehicle so that all matter on the face of the licence can be conveniently seen and read by any person. ... More

how to cook wors with tomato

Mielie Meal is a staple food in South Africa. It is white in color and it’s very similar to polenta. It’s used to make pap (pronounced pup), which is served at all South African braais (barbeques) with onion and tomato … ... More

how to cancel a dependent visa 489

Skilled Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887) The 887 visa is a permanent residency visa for people who have certain provisional visas, including the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489), and have lived for at least two years and worked for at ... More

how to draw a hand reaching out

Dec 31, 2018- how to draw hand reaching out - Google Search More ... More

how to engage men in climate change

Check out the video of Emma’s Talk! Part of the University of Washington’s Engage Program, Emma Hodgson presented her PhD research on how ocean acidification is impacting fisheries on … ... More

how to build a hydroponic vegetable garden

If so, hydroponic gardening is a great alternative if you're sick of the high maintenance of soil based gardening ... More

how to screw cut on a manual lathe

Right Handed Cutting Tool The cutting edge is on the right side of the bit with clearances below the right cutting edge and the front. This bit is used for facing and shortening parts. ... More

how to create a gotomeeting

GoToMeeting has also provided an excellent Audio Setup section which you can use to correctly configure your devices for GoToMeeting specifically. To join a meeting room in GoToMeeting, the creator of the meeting needs to send you the link. ... More

how to change rear brake pads on mondeo mk3

29/11/2012 · Mondeo Rear Brakes Part 2 - Duration: 10:22. Westy's How To Guides 61,404 views. 10:22. How To Replace Ford Mondeo Rear Brakes Ford Mondeo MK3 Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Disc and Pads ... More

how to connect authy to twitch

Livestreaming platform Twitch has taken steps to further secure its service. The company announced that it has partnered with Authy to provide two-factor authentication to its user accounts. ... More

how to become an epileptologist

In addition to my own personal suffering, this is what drives me to become an epileptologist and to find a cure for all of us in the epilepsy community. I am determined to not allow epilepsy to limit my potential and I hope my story will inspire children and their parents to do the same. ... More

how to create an e-learning module for free

The first screen provides a brief overview of the module and a brief description of what the learner will learn and the second screen lists the module objectives. A great idea to start a module is to use a story or a real-life vignette to provide an overview of the problems to be solved in the module. ... More

how to copy large files to external hard drive

Fat32 file system does not have support for files larger than 4gb. You would have to reformat the drive to NTFS (wiping out all data on it), to put larger files in it. ... More

how to connect bluetooth ford territory

All your answers for SYNC 1 under one roof. Just say the words and SYNC lets you do what you need to do, hands-free while you drive. ... More

how to draw a cartoon dragon easy

1/12/2018 · Quote from What To Draw When Bored Easy : Now color it in any manner you desire. While adding the details, remember that if you mean to use colors, the pencil shading needs to be minimized. You must make sure to visualize your picture in your minds eye and find the image available on the paper. You can choose a single picture or a blend of two. What you would like to do is to hold a photo … ... More

how to clean mould iff

Removing mold from any artwork is not an easy task. It's not like you can simply douse it with bleach like you would your bathtub. Art is delicate and making the wrong move can cause even more damage than the mold. ... More

how to kick a football high and far video download

One way to score is to kick the football through the goal posts. The ball must go between the uprights and over the crossbar. The ball must go between the uprights and over the crossbar. If any part of a player with the football touches outside the side lines or the end zone it is considered Out of Bounds. ... More

how to create a ticketing system in sharepoint 2010

You can also add other fields that you want for the type of ticketing system you are created (e.g. helpdesk ticket, incident ticket) Sharepoint List 2: ITRS For reference purpose to create the unique ID, this list will only have a single entry at all times ... More

how to hack a school computer to change grades

We Just Hack to Learn!" A SHORT HISTORY-HACKING "Hacker means someone who finds weakness in a computer or computer network, though the term can also refer to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks" ... More

how to call india from singapore singtel

SingTel and the Bharti Group set up Network i2i as a joint venture in 2001 to build an undersea cable between India and Singapore. SingTel did not immediately comment on the reason for its ... More

how to connect bose cylicder speaker

How to connect two Bose L1 compact speaker to a mixer as stereo Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. ... More

how to delete saved words samsung s5

Learn how to block, delete and save SMS / MMS messages on the Samsung Galaxy S 5. On this page: Block messages or spam Unblock messages Delete On this page: Block messages or spam Unblock messages Delete ... More

how to choose wax for car

Step 1 – Choose Your Polishing Compounds Oxidation makes your car paint appear chalky and scarred. Wax polish will hide this temporarily, but it will eventually show through again. ... More

how to create a cybersecurity program

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. ... More

how to become an emt in texas

Q. Can I become a certified and licensed EMT in Texas if I pass the EMT & Fire Training EMT Course? A. Yes. Students who graduate from our program and obtain NREMT certification will still need to become state licensed in another state besides Texas prior to applying for license through reciprocity in the State of Texas. ... More

how to clear browser catch for woocommerce

To prevent your browser cache. To make sure you are not logged-in. If you run the test logged-in, WooCommerce gets the country from your user instead of by the geolocation function. ... More

how to buy items in dota 2 store

Dota 2 Merchandise – T-Shirts, Figures and Toys, FoxyGamer - A Gamer - s Guide Dota 2 Merchandise – T-Shirts, Figures and Toys Dota 2 is still a fresh new game on Steam but it already have thousands and thousands of gamers playing it, fans and people who just love this MOBA game. ... More

how to cut stucco around window

It’s a pain to work around, but it helps if you don’t nail the flashing tight until you have your siding cut to size. It’s much easier to get a proper fit for a plank if you can shift the flashing beneath it. ... More

how to avoid inheritance tax uk 2017

However, from the 5th of April 2017, this no longer takes those properties out of the UK inheritance tax charge. Surprisingly, it’s not just the properties themselves that are included. Surprisingly, it’s not just the properties themselves that are included. ... More

how to draw out infection out with medicine

Some home remedies to cure an ingrown toenail are as follows: 1. Epsom Salt. Epsom salt, or scientifically known as magnesium sulphate, has a range of different uses. However, there is a qualm whether the Epsom salt actually works for an ingrown toenail or not. But, it softens the skin of the affected area, which makes it easy to draw out the toenail from the skin. One can take treatment of ... More

how to cook du puy lentils

Dry French green lentils: Also called du Puy lentils, these dark slate-green lentils hold their shape especially nicely when cooked. Their peppery flavor and texture make them a good choice for many dishes, including soups, salads, side dishes, and main dishes. French lentils tend to be more expensive and might require a visit to a specialty market to find them. ... More

how to clean up levels in revit

At least learn to open and clean up DWG so you can more easily import them into Revit (preferably just as a background onto which you recreate it as a true Revit element instead - makes for a lot less problems in the long run). ... More

how to make old videos clear vlc

26/11/2010 · Hey. While watching high quality videos such as 720p, VLC is not as clear and crisp as Media player classic. First there were colors problem and I found out I … ... More

how to change ip address on ipod

We had to change the IP address on a server on our network. Now, the SQL server does not work properly. An application that uses the SQL server cannot reach it. ... More

how to delete all text messages on iphone 5

All text messages sent to and received from the same contact will appear in a single text message thread. Delete Text Message To manually delete a text message, tap the "Edit" button from the summary screen of the Messages application. ... More

how to cook shoulder of lamb delia

Lamb shoulder: Shoulder of lamb is one of the commonest, most popular cuts for roasting. It is more economical than leg and has sweeter meat because it is interlaced with layers of fat which melt and keep it moist during the cooking. Some people are averse to shoulder because they think it is hard to carve, though I feel a really sharp knife solves most problems. I always prefer to cook ... More

how to download original photos from icloud on ihpone

30/10/2011 · Just go to the Photos app, and you can see in your Albums page that it's downloading your photos and videos back into your Camera Roll: You can check to see if the restore is complete by going to: Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup again. ... More

how to draw a detailed dragon

How to draw a dragon jobs I want to Hire I want to Work. Freelancer; Job Search; how to draw a dragon; 1 Search Keyword I heard that you usually work with a form to fill in, detailed info will be placed there. Content Writing Fashion Design Graphic Design PSD to HTML T-Shirts. ... More

how to build a tunnel cloche

About this clip. Our new galvanised steel hoop linking rods easily fix to 19mm plant hoops to provide extra rigidity and to prevent netting, polythene or fleece sagging between the hoops. ... More

how to add a border around text microsoft word

Microsoft Word allows you to place a border on any or all of the four sides of selected text, paragraphs, and pages. You can also add many type of shading to the space occupied by selected text, paragraphs, and pages. This chapter will teach you how to add any of the borders left,right,toporbottom around a text or paragraph or a page and how to add different shadows to them. Add Borders To ... More

supersu how to add an app

29/05/2017 · SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future ;!!! SuperSU requires a rooted device !!! SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. ... More

how to get chrome oto delete history after a week

Read about where and how your browser’s bookmarks are stored, what a bookmark file is and how you can recover it. In order to recover Google Chrome after uninstalling it you will have to download it again and install on your computer. ... More

how to cut sugar addiction

24/10/2018 Whether you're dealing with an addiction to alcohol, tobacco, sex, drugs, lying or gambling, admitting that you have a problem is always the first step to overcoming it, and it is not easy. Now it's time to make a... ... More

how to build a wind tunnel for a science project

In the Make the Wind Work for You! science project, students design various wind turbine blades to find out which produces the most energy. Mary Throne. Science ideas- renewable energy. See more What others are saying "Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics Science Project fully assembled wind turbine model" "Wind turbines are hot topics right now for science fair projects. Learn a variety of … ... More

wow how to begin the rise of the brotherhood quest

The following are the main story-based quest lines in Destiny, including those included in the expansions The Dark Below, House of Wolves, and The Taken King. Quest Name How to Start ... More

how to add newborn baby to your visa

I have had a number of questions and a suggestion for a FAQ about how to add a newborn child to the DV case. So – here are my tips for this situation. So – here are my tips for this situation. There is no problem with this happy event – it happens all the time – but handling it the correct way is important. ... More

everything has milk how to avoid

Some people switch to goat’s milk because of perceived sensitivities to cow’s milk. If a person has an allergic sensitivity, it is usually due to one or more of the proteins in milk. The proteins in goat’s milk are closely related to those in cow’s milk, so replacing one type of milk with the other usually doesn’t make any difference. Milk allergies are more common in very young ... More

how to become a character at disney

The reason that most of us seem to have a consistent character is that most of us are really good at controlling our environment. So just like in life, circumstances and context evoke the many ... More

how to cook english breakfast beans

Add the bread and cook for 2-3 minutes each side until crispy and golden. If the pan becomes too dry, add a little more oil. For a richer flavour, add a knob of butter after you turn the slice. ... More

how to cook meringue nests

See more What others are saying "Meringue kisses are really easy to make and look so pretty. They are great in a dessert but also to add something extra special to a celebration cake." ... More

how to create a 3d icon

To start creating your own 3D models, click the “3D Models” icon on the toolbar—that’s the second one from the left. You’ll be able to choose between basic 3D models, simple 3D object shapes, and a 3D … ... More

how to buy cigarettes directly from manufacturer

A manufacturer's coupon issued to a consumer who has previously purchased a package or carton of cigarettes is permissible if the coupon is redeemed directly by the manufacturer with either cash or goods because such a redemption does not affect either the wholesaler's or retailer's presumptive minimum cost. G.L. c. 64C and 830 CMR 64C.14.1. ... More

how to create an application for windows 7

22/01/2010 · If you are trying to run an application that was created for XP or Vista and had problems running in Windows 7, you could always turn on compatibility mode for the executable on your machine. However if you are trying to create a shim that could be used on other machines as well, you could use the following instructions to create the shim and send it. It is a very small size and once executed ... More

how to develop a rock singing voice

If you’re singing rock, listen to rock singers, etc. Notice things that are the same in each style and emulate those. Be careful, however, to keep your voice unique, and not to simply copy another singer’s voice. Allow your personality and your voice to come out in your music. ... More

how to create dynamic website using php and mysql

In this six-week online course, you'll see how to create dynamic Web pages using the PHP programming language and the MySQL database server. During the course, you'll walk through the development of a complete content management system Web application. ... More

how to change the blue zone color in pubg

26/02/2018 · I hope this video was able to help everyone that would like to try out this new color of blood! Lets share it and spread the knowledge, everyone should know how to do this!!! ... More

how to clean laptop screen water

15/10/2008 I'm looking for a safe and effective way to clean my laptop screen. Googling i found a simple way to clean it, which involves cotton cloth, and a mixture of 1/2 distilled water ... More

how to download games for android from pc

Roman Adventure: Britons - Season One for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Help the Romans and the Britons defeat the Filth in this exciting strategy adventure!! Help the Romans and the Britons defeat the Filth in this exciting strategy adventure!! ... More

how to buy paris pass

30/04/2007 · From their website (, I understand that the pass is only sold online, to be ordered at least 10 days before your trip. You can buy the metro ticket for 1 or more days separately from the RATP. The Paris Museum Pass is sold in Paris … ... More

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how to add file location to footer in word 2010

Word 2016, 2013 & 2010 have an option that allows users to show or hide white space between pages in Print Layout. Hiding the white spaces between pages will also hide the header and footer in

how to build a boardwalk over wetlands

Plans for a new elevated walkway began after destruction of the old wooden walkway during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Reconstruction was an opportunity to rethink the possibilities for the walkway and reposition it for improved access to the marsh for both research and education.

how to make a long distance call from canada

We hope Country Calling Codes has been of help to you in finding the Irish calling code for your international call from Canada to Ireland. Why not bookmark this page and tell a friend about this site for the next time they need to lookup an area code or international dialing code.

how to become a magician like troy

22/06/2018 · wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. To create this article, 57 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. To create this article, 57 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

how to change sync music settings for iphone 5

Settings inside your application should be settings the user might want to frequently change. That's why they're inside your app, for quick access. An example: background music on/off in a game. That's why they're inside your app, for quick access.

how to develop perfect pitch

Throughout the hallways of any music college, a swirling maelstrom of unfounded egos and unwashed clothing blends into a silent storm of tension, with eyes darting to and fro, analyzing, judging, comparing.. Itd be a nightmare if it werent a dream come true for these blissfully ignorant young

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England: Bournemouth ENG, Bloxwich ENG, Sheffield ENG, Altrincham ENG, Huddersfield ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 4A4

Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 4H1

Scotland: Dundee SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Dundee SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 7B3

Wales: Wrexham WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Swansea WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 5D5